Our agenda for this year is still being finalized. In the meantime, here's some information on our theme days.

Tuesday Sept. 12th

Tuesday night will feature the kickoff of the 10th annual Alaska UAS Interest Group meeting with the Icebreaker Reception at the Wedgewood Resort Gazebo Room. Come have a drink and join us as we celebrate 10 years of UAS excellence in Alaska and beyond.

The day on Tuesday will serve as a setup and preparation day for vendors and organizers. Interested in exhibiting your product as a vendor? Contact us here.

Wednesday Sept. 13th

Wednesday will be the first full day of the meeting and will be focused on all things policy. Come and hear from policy makers and regulators from both Alaska and the rest of the country as they discuss Part 107, the FAA Test Sites, the ASSURE program, frequency challenges and the FCC, and the NASA UTM program.

Thursday Sept. 14th

Join us on Thursday and take a deep dive into the latest in UAS-related research. This day will feature research and developments in UAS themselves as well as cutting-edge research being done by taking to the skies. Wildlife research, infrastructure inspection, counter drone work, arctic exploration, and countless other topics will fill this exciting session.

Friday Sept. 15th

The final day of the Alaska UAS Interest Group Meeting will be focused on Commercial and Workforce Development. Come and learn about business opportunities in the still-expanding UAS market. Learn how companies are integrating UAS into their workforce to boost productivity. Catch the latest in specialized UAS-focused training for employees and entrepreneurs.

We will also have a healthy dose of the UAS sector staples: surveying and mapping, filming and media, and drone racing!